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Eastern/Central Project Runway Fans
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HELLO, and welcome to Eastern/Central Project Runway, the community for us eastern Project Runways fans that want to be able to discuss the show openly without worries regarding spoiling.
1. The only thing that needs to be cut is any news on FUTURE episodes. Any opinons or announcements about past episodes are fine and need not be cut. This community is FOR people who watch PR in the east coast on Bravo, and who therefore see it first.

2. Play nice. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Feel free to debate, but do NOT insult anyone else's opinions or call them wrong. No one has the right to do that to you, you don't have the right to do it to them.

3. Skim the page for similliar posts. In order to help there not be 102 repeates, please use a descriptive title. As long as we work together by doing both of these we should be able to clean up the f-lists.

4. If you're having issues with a member please feel free to e-mail me. There shouldn't be drama here. That's up to the contestants. ^_^

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